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16 April
1984, agatha christie, ancestry, ancient civilizations, art, being right, blackadder, books, british comedies, cats, chalet school, children's literature, chocolate, cinema, cj/danny, comedy, computers, creativity, cynicism, damian lewis, david tennant, dawn french, disney, disney movies, doctor who, dorothy l sayers, douglas adams, dr. house, draco/ginny, dragons, dvds, eeyore, elinor m brent-dyer, england, enid blyton, europe, fairies, fanfic, fanfiction, fantasy, fawlty towers, film, films, food, gaming, genetics, girlsown, gods, harriet vane, harry potter, harry potter fanfiction, harry/ginny, hercule poirot, historical fiction, history, house, house/cameron, hp, hugh laurie, humor, humour, icons, imagination, internet, jane austen, jared padalecki, jeeves & wooster, jensen ackles, johnny depp, josh/donna, kittens, latin, laugh, laughing, libraries, life on mars, lily/james, linguistics, literature, lord of the rings, lord peter wimsey, macs, maps, meg cabot, merseyside, middle earth, miss marple, monty python, movies, museums, music, musicals, mythology, narnia, p.g. wodehouse, penguins, peter pan, photography, pirates of the caribbean, poetry, politics, presents, pride and prejudice, rain, ravenclaw, reading, remus lupin, sarcasm, satire, school stories, science fiction, scotland, scrubs, secondhand bookshops, shakespeare, sirius black, sirius/remus, sleeping, slytherin, snow, spooks, star wars, stars, stephen fry, supernatural, swallows and amazons, talking about books, ten/jack, ten/martha, the chalet school, the sims 2, the west wing, theatre, tolkien, toys, veronica mars, wallace and gromit, west wing, west wing fanfiction, wicked